Short Windows
(A free Exchange for our Standard Windows)

short windows

About Short Windows:

  • These short windows are available as a free exchange for any or all of the supplied standard windows.
  • They are a useful substitution if our standard windows will be too tall for your purposes, such as over kitchen counters or in bathrooms where more privacy is required.
  • Please let us know when ordering if you would like short windows, we may require a layout sketch to be certain of the required location.

Quantity Supplied: up to 4

  • 2 left hinged and 2 right hinged (to make two double windows)

Total Window Dimensions:

657mm (h)

505mm (w)

44mm (d)

Glass Size Required:

Quantity: up to 4

552mm (h)

402mm (w)

  • The total available rebated space for both glass and beading is 24mm.
  • The most common combination customers use is 14mm double glazing with 10mm beading or 16mm double glazing with 8mm beading.

Glass and beading are not supplied by Glampods.