A beautiful job made of this natural-look shepherds hut kit

This Customer Purchased From Glampods:

Our customer took photo's of his build every step of the way. Click through the menu below to see the kit at different stages of the build:

Our customer also documented the timeline for building the kit as well as providing a list of handy hints and tips:

Day 1 – Friday

Delivery of our 4.8m shepherd hut kit with double sun doors from Glampods! The fantastic Lois made sure everything went smoothly throughout the whole process. The helpful delivery driver meant we had it all unloaded in about 30mins, but have a couple of people on hand to help unload it all!

Day 2 – Saturday (8 hours) 

Wheels / axles & base down. Added separately ordered 100mm Rockwall insulation under floor, OSB flooring down, pre-built frame sides up.

Day 3 – Sunday (8 hours)

Roof panels insulated with polystyrene and attached to frame, roof liner laid, corrugated sheets fitted

Day 4 – Monday (8 hours)

Wall polystyrene insulation cut & fitted, 3 window frames fitted (we moved 2 from the short right side to either side of double doors as better view to garden & sunshine, then had a third window on the left side for the toilet), external cladding mostly fitted, front step fitted, internal partition adjusted and fitted to make small toilet in one corner

Day 5 – Tuesday (6 hours)

External cladding completed, double sun doors fitted, glazing fitted (14mm thin toughened double glazing ordered separately). The weather was kind the whole 4 construction days and we are now watertight.

Now the next few weekends will be the internal fit out at leisure.
  • If height is a concern and you don’t need the tow bar, go for the lowered axles as we did to reduce 30cm roof height
  • Have some plastic sheeting handy to keep your OSB boards and internal cladding dry unless you will have constant dry weather for the build (or garage storage)
  • Prepare the ground before delivery, we had a steep slope that needed raised footings to level
  • Ensure you have clear ladder access to all sides, we had to fight a pretty but annoying tree at the back and a fence to the right
  • We found it easier to fit the pre-fab base to the wheels/axles rather than the other way as shown in the video of doing it upside down and trying to flip it as VERY heavy
  • Have a decent 8mm HSS metal drill bit for the corrugated panels
  • You will need a socket set for the corrugated panel bolts
  • You will need a torx head for the screws provided
  • Have plenty of power tools and batteries! Can’t go wrong with Makita 🙂
  • Easiest way to cut polystyrene insulation and cladding boards is with a jigsaw
  • Other tools / things you will need: 5m tape measure, long spirit level (‘Gary Neville’), hammer, scissors for cutting liner, stanley knife, workman gloves (no splinters!), constant stream of tea and biscuits : )
  • Have 2 step ladders and / or 2 tall ladders for roof and cladding work
  •  Fit roof insulation into the roof panels before putting them up, easier on the ground rather than 2.5m in the air on a ladder, and the insulation faces up anyway
  • If you want to bury electric wires for light fittings remember to drop them in before putting the corrugated up so they sit between the roof sections and the corrugated roofing
  • Overall the construction is far easier with 3 people, 2 on ladders at each end, one passing items up, especially for roof and external cladding
  • Fit your external door brackets on the outside face BEFORE finalizing the front external cladding
  • Fit internal electric wires for sockets before fitting internal cladding so you don’t need trunking
  • Remember to separately order some nice flooring and underlay to sit on top of the OSB boards (we chose 12mm oak laminate boards)
  • Remember to separately order glazing (14mm thin double glazing fits a treat – we used http://www.parkglass.co.uk/),  and if you want a bathroom get one frosted / privacy pane
  • Remember to separately order hinges and handles and locks for your door(s)
  • Remember to separately order internal beading for your windows
  • Remember to separately order an internal door for any internal partition you fit
  • Remember to separately order guttering, downpipe and brackets to stop rain running onto your head from the corrugated roof overhanding the front (we will use black square)
  • We will fit a ECO composting toilet from Simploo http://www.simploo.co.uk/product/simploo-waterless-composting-toilet-compost-toilets-eco-loo
  • Remember to fit a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher