External Metal Cladding

Corrugated Metal Cladding

We highly recommend customers apply a thin layer of plywood to the outside of the kit before attaching this cladding.

Important notes about our external metal cladding:

We provide this cladding as two different sheet sizes; 2.1m x 1m for the long sides and 2.5m x 1m for the ends.

The customer is responsible for cutting out the window and door apertures and to accommodate the end curves.

The only finishing strips provided are the end caps for the four corners.

It is always a good idea to pre-plan all cuts and fitments beforehand. Measure twice and cut once is a good rule to follow.

You will receive five longer sheets for the hut ends in order to accommodate the curve of the roof. One of these sheets will need to be cut in half, so that you have two and a half sheets for each hut end.